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Dhehee Lee

I am interested in creating paintings that bring together a wide multiplicity of sources into a coherent and sometimes discordant. My paintings feed off of the history of abstraction, and landscape motifs. There is a constant flux between atmospheric and graphic, abstract and figurative, quiet and chaotic forces. A medley of sources is organized to create a world within the painting in which a new kind of sense is made: one in which the beautiful, absurd, and mundane can coexist.

I am interested in visual democracies, nomadic thinking, rearranging hierarchies, and trying to fuse personal expression with shared social and cultural spaces, in full pictorial glory. I want the work to transform its multiple sources into a stronger, weirder, and more complex pictorial version of the world.

Since the last summer, the reflection of the light on the surface of water has inspired me to research deeper about the floating surface- two places in one painting at the same time and has inspired me to focus on the color theory: push and pull effect, and the values of the contrast and complementary of colors. Further more, it has lead me to think about the content of shapes of covering concealing matter.

A visiting to MoMA - deKooning: A Retrospective was a recent inspiration since it perfectly defined the intent of much of my current work - to create paintings in which several different locations or spaces are made to coexist within one space. Ideas about how we construct our realities and selves through language, social structure, geography, and belief feed into this desire to juxtapose sites and images that might themselves be somewhat incompatible.

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